Listserv and Contacts


The SRP listserv is an outlet through which psychopathology-relevant announcements are circulated. Relevant content includes (but is not limited to) (1) faculty and postdoctoral position announcements, (2) special calls for relevant journal issues/sections, (3) upcoming conferences with psychopathology-heavy content. If you are not sure whether content you wish to post is appropriate, please contact the SRP Secretary, Elizabeth Hayden, at

Note that all posts must be approved; thus, you will receive a message reading that “you don’t have permission to post to this list” after submitting your post. This is to be expected. Note also that, while you need not be a member of SRP to submit a post to be circulated, you do need to be a member to be added to the listserv. New members are added to the list automatically after the annual meeting (i.e., you don’t need to request to be added).

Please follow the following instructions to post to the listserv:

  1. Address your email with the relevant information to the SRP listserv at
  2. Use a descriptive and succinct subject description that appears exactly how you would like it to appear to the listserv (e.g., “Assistant Professor Position at MY University)
  3. The content of the email should also appear exactly how you would like the listserv to receive it. It may be useful to double-check that any previous, irrelevant correspondence you had with others about the post is deleted from your email. Posts are checked to ensure they are not spam, but will not be edited for content such as this prior to being posted to the listserv.
  4. You may have an attachment you wish to forward to the list along with your email. This is fine, but we recommend that you include the content of the attachment in the body of the email as well to make sure the content of your post is easy for others to access.
  5. Repeated postings are acceptable in some cases (e.g., ongoing job searches) but should likely be limited to no more than one post every 10 weeks or so.



For membership and dues questions, please contact Pearl Chiu at For all other questions, please contact Elizabeth Hayden at