SRP Annual Meeting
Twenty Sixth Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology
Thursday, October 04, 2012 through Sunday, October 07, 2012


Several formats are available for submissions. These include posters, symposia, panel discussions, and paper sessions. Time for oral presentations will be devoted to symposia, panel discussions, and individual paper sessions. Because submissions must come from full members of SRP or be sponsored by a full member of the Society, it is important to be current on 2010-2011 SRP dues. Please note that full members may sponsor submissions of students or non-member colleagues even if they are not a co-author on the submission. The Program Committee will make a final selection of oral presentations based on the quality and the balance of content in the overall conference program. Priority may be given to presenters who have not spoken recently. Submissions not accepted for oral presentation will be considered for presentation as individual posters unless the authors stipulate otherwise. The first author is expected to give the oral presentation or be available at the poster. Only SRP full members are eligible to submit oral presentations.

Symposia/panel discussions are proposed by a chairperson who is an SRP full member. They are typically 90 minutes in length and include presentations from several speakers on a related topic. These talks are generally followed by integrative comments from the chairperson or discussant, with time for audience discussion at the end. Symposia participants may be nonmember faculty, but not students. In planning a symposium it is important to allow sufficient time for audience questions and discussion. The Program Committee also welcomes submissions of proposals using other formats, such as multiple brief presentations that allow extra time for discussion between presenters and audience members.

Papers. Submissions accepted for oral presentations will be organized by the Program Committee into sessions that generally include three to five papers (15 minutes per paper) and time for discussion.

Posters. A poster submitted by a non-member or an associate member must be sponsored by a full member. Submissions for poster-only may include presentations of works in progress (e.g., studies for which data collection is well under way, but for which full results are not yet available).

Students submitting posters may request that up to 3 SRP members attend their poster and discuss their work with them. These requests will be forwarded to the SRP members indicated and honored when possible.

The Smadar Levin Award was created to honor the memory of Smadar Levin, who left a lasting mark on psychopathology research before her untimely death. The award is given for the most outstanding submission from a graduate student. To be eligible, students must have completed research in psychopathology and be sponsored by a full member. In addition, potential candidates must currently be enrolled in graduate school or must have received a doctoral degree less than one year before the conference.

Students should indicate that they intend to submit their poster for consideration for the Smadar Levin award at the time of abstract submission. This is accomplished by checking the correct box during the web-based submission process. Subsequently, these students will be contacted by email with instructions regarding how to submit a complete description of the research by August 1, 2012. This supplemental description (maximum of 1000 words, plus tables, figures, and references) must include introduction/hypotheses, methods, analysis of the results and discussion; in other words, the supplement must report on a completed project. Judges will make initial decisions about the award on the basis of the supplements, so it is expected that the presented poster materials will be different in form and format, but otherwise essentially a subset of the supplement material (e.g., some method details may be omitted, material will be bulleted rather than in sentences, etc.).

Posters of graduate students being considered for the Smadar Levin Award are presented on Thursday, the first evening of the meeting. Graduate students submitting for this award must attend this poster session and be available to discuss their work with the Award Committee and other members. In evaluating the submission, the Award Committee will consider the supplement, the poster, and the discussion with the applicant. Students with winning and honorable-mention submissions will be guests of SRP at the banquet on Saturday evening, at which time the results will be announced. At the next SRP meeting, the Smadar Levin Award winner will receive complimentary hotel accommodations, registration, and banquet ticket. Honorable mention winners will receive complimentary registration at the next meeting.

Number of Submissions per Member. There is no limit to the number of submissions on which a full member may be an author. However, anyone (i.e., full member, associate member or non-member sponsored by a full member) submitting an abstract may be first author on only one presentation (poster or oral presentation). Full members may sponsor submissions of students or non-member colleagues even if they are not a co-author on the submission.

Responsibilities of Sponsoring Members. Members who submit and those who sponsor abstracts make a commitment to attend the meeting if the presentation is accepted. The sponsoring member accepts responsibility to ensure that all authors endorse the submission and are aware of its contents.

Submission Withdrawals. If it is necessary to withdraw a submission, please notify the Program Chair as soon as possible.

University of Michigan

The Michigan League
911 N University Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

The main hotel for the conference is:

The Campus Inn - Hotel Ann Arbor
615 E. Huron St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Toll Free: 800.666.8693
Phone: 734.769.2200
Fax: 734.769.6222

$161.00 + tax/single--regular rooms
$214.00 + tax/single--premium rooms
$23.00 for each addition guest.

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You may take a taxi or rent a car from the airport to the hotel. You may also use AirRide to get to the hotel.


The Society for Research in Psychopathology, in cooperation with Faculty of 1000 (, invites poster presenters at this meeting to deposit their poster(s) into the new open access poster repository, F1000 Posters ( to enable those who could not make the meeting to see your novel work. To deposit your poster, simply go to and upload your poster file. In addition, F1000's expert Faculty of 10,000 members will view these submissions to identify those they wish to select for positive evaluation in the award winning F1000 service.